Monday, July 7, 2014

The daytrip before the event that night

Did a day trip with a number of bikers staying over at Koedoeskloof. We did about round robin route of about 300km on the day. Starting of at Koedoeskloof, we did a route via Anysberg Nature Reserve over some private land, then all the way to Gamkapoortdam, then via Seweweekspoort back to Koedoeskloof.

Over private land we go

Crossing the Touwsriver

Passing the Anysberg Nature Reserve


Service road to the dam wall needs some attention I think

Taking a break going down Seweweekspoort 

Back at Koedoeskloof

Me, knackered after a long days ride

Janneke, the lovely wife and trusted friend!!

That night, Jo Rust gave her presentation