Sunday, August 17, 2014

A daytrip in the middle of August

The temperature forecast is 29 celsius, it's a Sunday in the middle of August. It's the middle of winter. A rare occasion thus. A day to celebrate over and above the rest day provided by our good Lord. I suggested to Janneke to do a day trip on the 1150, after church of course. She happily obliged. (Lovely women she is!!)

So, it turned out a lovely trip up the West Coast. Janneke put together some snacks, I packed the 1150 and off we went. Did a 220km trip from Brackenfell to Yzerfontein, then to Darling and back home via Malmesbury

At Yzerfontein we had a quick lunch. I expected lots of people but they were few and far between. It was a beautiful day at the beach none the less.

August and September are the most beautiful months in Namaqualand. This time of year the area is renowned for its flowers. Our route for the day did not take us there, but at Darling we tasted some of what can be expected further north from were we where.