Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My first solo trip - day 2 (Aug 30, 2014)

I had a good night in Stilbay. I felt rested, I was ready for a new day of riding. I was looking forward to another day on the gravels in the Western Cape.

It was shortly after 08h00 I left the comfort of my overnight stay. On the way out of Stilbay one would cross the Goukou River.

Just out of town there is a turnoff to the right, a gravel road that would take you all the way to Gouritsmond, my intended next destination. The road was long, the road was straight. I had it all for myself. Many would call this bliss. I am in agreement with this call. I was in gravel heaven.

All to soon, I was at my next port of call.

The tide was out. I did the same. The town was smaller than expected, I couldn't find a place to have a breakfast. After a quick look around the place I hit the road again, I was hungry. I didn't mind the tar, it made for speedy transport. However, nature was created beautiful by the Creator, I had to stop and smell the roses (so to speak).

Had a quick breakfast near Mosselbay at the Engen petrol station, then hit the road again. Next stop was to be Oudtshoorn. I would go via Robinson pass. I can highly recommend for its sweeping corners when going by bike. Halfway one would find this memorial......

In Oudtshoorn I filled the pig to the brim, had a humungous cuppa, accompanied by a likewise piece of carrot cake. I was looking forward to the next stretch. It would be the so called dangerous Swartberg pass.

Mountaintops were all covered in snow. It was cold but sunny.

I got the top of the pass, some sleet still lying around.

I didn't stay long at the top, the temperature was a long way off summer thresholds. I decided to speed ahead to the next town, Prince Albert. Shortly after, Merweville and then Sutherland were the targeted towns.

My overnighting shed was at the Cosmos B&B

Hanging out with friendly people of Sutherland. I have not met such elsewhere in South Africa in such a grandiose scale.